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Travel in Chinese – Lesson 1... (medium)

Travel in Chinese – Lesson 3... (medium)

Compare things with the word ... (medium)

Building up your vocabulary (medium)

Travel in Chinese – Lesson 1... (medium)

At the hospital/ clinic (medium)

Talk about a travel (medium)

Sports Chinese – Ping-pong (medium)

Grammar points: “de” (medium)

Shanghai, China, Coffee and o... (medium)

Tell me.. and who is he? (medium)

Happy China: The City Wall (medium)

Vocabulary for jobs (medium)

Happy China: Xian’s ancient c... (medium)

Asking the way and giving dir... (medium)

The familiy (medium)

Grammar points: “jiu” (medium)

Possesive adjective (medium)

Travel in Chinese – Lesson 1... (medium)

What’s for lunch, honey? (medium)

Sports Chinese – Ping-pong (medium)

“Long time no see!” (medium)

Sports Chinese-- Can you help... (medium)

Really – zhēn de me? (to ask abo... (medium)

Fruit, flower, blood, red... (medium)

Getting change (scene) (medium)

Beautiful (medium)

Finding a toilet (medium)

Chinese new year greetings (medium)

Chat about basketball (medium)

Anxiety (medium)

Love (medium)

Shopping (medium)

Buying a phone (medium)

Function words: “if", “maybe", “bec... (medium)

Getting on the internet (medium)

To book a ticket at service desk (medium)

Choosing a route (medium)

Saying “I don’t like this” (medium)

The word “stupid” and more (medium)

Directions: Up, Down, South, West..... (medium)

At the airport (medium)

Getting change (medium)

The words onion, cement, foreigner ... (medium)

Looking after your valuables (medium)

Renting a car (medium)

In a shopping center (medium)

Buying clothes (medium)

Talking about sports: Swimming, bas... (medium)

Feeling sick (medium)

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