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At the airport (medium)

“Happy Birthday to You” (medium)

Getting change (medium)

I like beef, I don’t like chicken (medium)

The words onion, cement, foreigner ... (medium)

Quest USA - Chinese reality show (e... (medium)

Looking after your valuables (medium)

Renting a car (medium)

In a shopping center (medium)

Buying clothes (medium)

Talking about sports: Swimming, bas... (medium)

Talking about music (scene) (medium)

Feeling sick (medium)

At a fruit stand (medium)

In Summer Palace (medium)

Family members (medium)

Choosing a route (scene) (medium)

Learn with animation: Taking the bu... (medium)

Self-introduction, and asking for t... (medium)

Buying a plane ticket (scene) (medium)

Orderings drinks on the airplane (medium)

Kids Learning Chinese (medium)

Buying a computer (scene) (medium)

Trouble at the laundry (scene) (medium)

At the airport (medium)

It is not far from here. (medium)

Writing: Pie, the left descending s... (medium)

Checking in at the hotel (medium)

Saying “You have very beautiful eye... (medium)

At tea house (medium)

Millet (medium)

Greetings: Hello and Good Morning (medium)

Door, fan (medium)

Asking about visiting Beijing (scen... (medium)

Citiy names and places (medium)

Trouble at the laundry (medium)

Renting a car (scene) (medium)

Bamboo (medium)

Writing: Heng, the horizontal strok... (medium)

Giving praise (medium)

Disaster (medium)

How to ask for the way (medium)

I forgot it. (medium)

Take a taxi (medium)

Issuing an invoice (scene) (medium)

Habits (medium)

Issuing an invoice (medium)

Hot and cold (medium)

Giving praise (scene) (medium)

Birds (medium)

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