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Travel in Chinese – Lesson 1... (medium)

Travel in Chinese – Lesson 3... (medium)

Compare things with the word ... (medium)

Building up your vocabulary (medium)

35. How old are you? (medium)

Travel in Chinese – Lesson 1... (medium)

At the hospital/ clinic (medium)

Talk about a travel (medium)

Sports Chinese – Ping-pong (medium)

Grammar points: “de” (medium)

Shanghai, China, Coffee and o... (medium)

Tell me.. and who is he? (medium)

Happy China: The City Wall (medium)

Vocabulary for jobs (medium)

Happy China: Xian’s ancient c... (medium)

Asking the way and giving dir... (medium)

37. Hobbies (medium)

32. Variants of greetings (medium)

The familiy (medium)

Grammar points: “jiu” (medium)

Possesive adjective (medium)

Travel in Chinese – Lesson 1... (medium)

31. “Have a safe trip!” (medium)

What’s for lunch, honey? (medium)

Sports Chinese – Ping-pong (medium)

“Long time no see!” (medium)

Sports Chinese-- Can you help... (medium)

Really – zhēn de me? (to ask abo... (medium)

Fruit, flower, blood, red... (medium)

Getting change (scene) (medium)

Beautiful (medium)

Finding a toilet (medium)

Chinese new year greetings (medium)

Chat about basketball (medium)

Asking for the price (medium)

Commercial for Bellewood Villas (medium)

Jumping on the colors (medium)

Anxiety (medium)

Love (medium)

Chili sauce (medium)

Shopping (medium)

Buying a phone (medium)

Function words: “if", “maybe", “bec... (medium)

Getting on the internet (medium)

Computer games (scene) (medium)

To book a ticket at service desk (medium)

Choosing a route (medium)

Saying “I don’t like this” (medium)

The word “stupid” and more (medium)

Directions: Up, Down, South, West..... (medium)

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