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About Watch to Learn Chinese...

This site was created by Philipp Lenssen and Yinxue in 2008, living in Germany, with YouTube videos by their respective creators. I hope the currently 564 videos from 120 creators can help you train your Chinese, along with additional material you may have or classes you may take.

Please email your feedback to And if you found a video you'd like to see here, please submit it.

About the different difficulty levels

We offer three different difficulty levels on the site. While the borders between these are sometimes blurred, this is how we define the levels:

  • Beginner: Introductory material that explains words, small sentences – like "hello" and "how are you" – or the four tones used in Chinese. This is the right level if you are just beginning to learn Chinese; perhaps you bought a learning book, or you had your first class or two in a Chinese language school.

  • Medium: Advanced material explains more elaborate dialogue or sentence structures. The speaking pace may be quicker here as well, and not all videos give immediate English translations. However, the material is still aimed at a learning pace, and is accompanied with some guidance, like a teacher explaining the meaning behind the word. The medium level contains perhaps the widest scope of difficulties; think of it as being a level with its own separate difficulties, all mixed into one.

  • Advanced: At the most difficult level, we mix learning videos of more complicated nature with general Mandarin language material. For instance, a Chinese series not specifically aimed at learning, or a music video (as the four tones can't be differentiated during singing, this can be especially hard). At this level, perhaps you just want to be exposed to more Chinese material to fine-tune your listening, or you want to see how much you can understand when you're watching normal-paced Chinese. There are also a couple of English learning videos aimed at Chinese speakers thrown into the mix, as they can also be of use in reverse, for learning Chinese.

Additionally to sorting the videos into the three difficulty levels as above, we also define other things, like whether or not a video contains Pinyin writing/ subtitles.

Thanks to YouTube and all the video creators...

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